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Whether you are a cash player or a tournament player. Maritimepoker is your number one online poker entertainment destination in Eastern Canada. We've been providing Easterners with the unparallel online poker experience since 2010

About Maritime Poker

Why Maritime Poker?

Games & Tournaments

Games & Tournaments

We have nightly tournament in varying range of stakes. Cash games in a varying range of limits. Met up with friends and have a fun playing Maritimepoker. We are sure you will find what you are looking for.

Establish Software

Establish Software

We have partnered up with Evenbet gaming to provide you with secure software for your peace of mind and gaming enjoyment.

Withdraw Deposit

Deposits and Withdrawals

We has fast deposits and withdrawals. Maritimepoker uses a reputable Canadian payment processor trusted by millions of Canadian users.

House Rules

Maritimepoker recognizes that providing a secure, fair and friendly playing environment is key to ensuring that our players have as enjoyable a gaming experience as possible, each time they access the Maritimepoker’s platform.

Maintaining ethical gaming practices is at the very heart of our priorities, and in order to uphold these strict principles and the integrity of our games, Maritimepoker has created these House Rules.

All players are expected and required to adhere to the Terms and Conditions and these House Rules and to standards, policies and practices incorporated therein, on the assumption that by doing so, the playing environment on Maritimepoker improves for its entire player community:

Minors Prohibited Policy

The Maritimepoker software made available via this platform should only be accessed by players who have reached legal adulthood age

Minors (persons under 18 years of age) are strictly prohibited from playing at Maritimepoker and those minors found accessing Maritimepoker will their accounts terminated. Maritimepoker shall be under no obligation to refund any terminated accounts. Maritimepoker shall ensure to implement the appropriate safeguards as required by the laws of the respective jurisdictions to prevent minors from joining Maritimepoker

Responsible Gaming

Maritimepoker strives to provide players with a responsible gaming environment, which includes prevention of compulsive usage of or underage access of our gaming products. Maritimepoker understands its commitment to honour their duty of care to all of its customers and the gambling community at large. Maritimepoker shall make sure to implement appropriate safeguards to protect vulnerable persons and use all reasonable means to ensure the prevention of gambling addiction and underage gambling.

For more information, please visit our House Rules page.